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Early Burns guitars found in Cheltenham

Early Burns guitars found in Cheltenham

The BBC website has reported on the find of some 12 Supersound guitars, made by Jim Burns and Alan Wooten in 1958 and 1959. The guitars had been bought by an unnamed man living in Cheltenham from Wooten’s son ‘several years ago’ and a guitar collector, Guy Mackenzie of West Cornwall heard about them and put in a bid for them.

Supersound guitars are reportedly the first instruments to be made by Burns and very much set the tone for the designs of Burns’ following models, taken up by the big stars of the day, such as The Shadows and The Searchers.

The BBC article goes on to quote Paul Day, the author of the The Burns Book. “In nearly 50 years of playing, working on and writing about the electric guitar, this is the first time I have actually seen one Supersound instrument, let alone 12. These are among the earliest electric guitars and basses from any British builder and therefore comprise an important, but hitherto virtually unknown chapter in UK guitar-making history.”

Burns Guitars are, of course, still alive and well today under the ownership of Barry Gibson and distributed in the UK through Sutherland Trading.
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