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DW extends Collector's series

DW extends Collector's series

Drum Workshop Inc has announced the addition of the Black Nickel over Brass snare and Maple Mahogany shell configurations to its Collector's series.

Available in 5.5x14" and 6.5x14" sizes and a choice of Chrome, Black Chrome, Satin Chrome, Black Nickel and 24 Karat Gold finishes, the Black Nickel over Brass drums (pictured) are perfectly suited to both live and studio applications. The thin, rolled 1mm shell features a rolled bearing edge and snare beds.“This drum is incredibly versatile. You can use it as a wet, back-­beat snare, or crank it up for hip hop or gospel. It has so many possibilities," said John Good, DW's executive vice president and drum designer. "Guys have been telling us lately that they like our heavy­?gauge shells, but want some crack and overtones that only thin shells can offer.
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They also offer a MAG throw-off system with 3P (Three Position) butt plate, True Tone snare wires, True Pitch stainless steel tension rods, 3.0 steel True Hoops and DW Heads by Remo USA.The new Maple Mahogany shell configuration drums are equipped with VLT (Very Low Timbre) shell technology and an eight-ply veneer layup with an African mahogany inner ply, six-ply North American Hard Rock Maple core and mahogany outer ply.They are available in all Custom Shop sizes and can be combined with any other Custom Shell configuration. Other features include graduated True Hoop counter hoops, True Pitch tension rods, STM (Suspension Tom Mounts), newly redesigned TB12 tom brackets, BDP2 dual pillow drum muffling system and a MAG throw-off system with 3P butt plate.Good added: "By losing the reinforcement hoop and adding a maple core, we ended up with a sound that is decidedly modern, but also very warm and musical. The sound is reminiscent of our Jazz Series line, which is a maple and gum wood shell, but it has its own unique character."

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