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DV Mark guitar amp range arrives in UK

DV Mark guitar amp range arrives in UK

DV Mark, the high-end, all valve guitar amplification range from the creators of Markbass, is now available in the UK, via sole distributors Proel International.

The DV Mark range, launched at this year's Musikmesse, comprises heads, combos and speaker enclosures and combines traditional valve circuity with the reliability and self-testing technologies that have made Markbass one of the leading names in pro bass amplification. The entire DV Mark range is handmade in Italy.

Top of the range is the Bad Boy 120 head. Delivering 120 Watts from twin KT88 output valves and with ECC83s in the preamp stage, the amp has three completely separate preamps, giving a wide range of tonal colours and sounds which the user can footswitch between instantly. The optional Bad Boy Controller, will memorise exact settings for the next power-on. The patent pending Advanced Tube Control System, meanwhile, allows the user to connect the Bad Boy 120 to a computer and use dedicated software to collect technical data and tube parameters.

Next up is the DV Mark Little 40 L34, a single channel 40-Watt head. Continuous power control allows the user to change the amp's power incrementally, from the full 40 Watt Class A/B output all the way down to a single Watt output Class A in pentode mode, or 15 Watts in Class A/B, or 0.5Watts Class A in triode mode. The result is one of the most flexible amps on the market, offering a tremendous range of tones and equally at home on stage, in the studio, or at home. Using two EL34 and one ECC84 valves, the Little L40 L34 can also use the same Advanced Tube Control System, as found on the Big Boy 120 and offers full eq control.
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The last of the three DV Mark heads is the Galileo 15, a single channel all-tube head. It uses two EL34s, two ECC83s and a single ECC84, the Galileo 15 offers good  headroom, attack and versatility from a single 4.7kg package.

There are also two DV Mark combos  immediately available in the UK – the DV40 112 and DV40 212 (pictured) which, as their names suggest, feature single and twin 12-inch speakers, respectively. DV Mark has designed its own high-tech drivers, featuring neodymium technology.

Both DV40 combos come with the DV Mark Continuous Power Control facility, which means that tonal options are almost endless. The system allows users to change the power output incrementally from a full 40 Watt output (Class A/B) to 1 Watt (Class A) in pentode mode, or 15 Watts (Class A/B) to 0.5 Watts (Class A) in triode mode.

Finally, DV Mark is also launching a full range of speaker enclosures to accompany the new heads and combos - all featuring the newly developed DV Mark neodymium loudspeakers found in the combos. The range starts with the smallest 1x12" you are likely to find - weighing an astonishingly light 6.9kg (15.21 lbs) and yet still fully capable of handling 150 Watts. Other models include a larger 1x12, standard sized 2x12, 2x12" slant-top design, closed-back, slant-top 4x12" and a vintage style, 'flat front', closed-back 4x1`2" that will handle a remarkable 600 Watts.

Suggested retail prices are as follows. Bad Boy 120: £1,639.13, Little 40 L34: £881.25, Galileo 15: £623.63, DV 40 112 combo: £1,427.63, DV 40 212: £1,526.33. Enclosure prices range from the C112 Small at £499.38, to £1,115.08 for the C412 Standard.

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