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Dawsons kick starts eCommerce drive

Dawsons kick starts eCommerce drive

Dawsons Music's brand new website is now up and running, the first of several moves that will see the company look to progress further down the eCommerce path.

The development of the retail chain's website has been an integral part of Dawsons' expansion plans and long-term sales growth.

Features of the new site include a faster infrastructure, multi-layered navigation, attribute-led navigation, a price slider, videos, an image zoom, integrated multi-channel and a dedicate site for mobile phone users.

Although Dawsons has been online since 1998, the company has not built on that initially strong position, until now. “We may have been one of the first in our industry to establish an online presence, but we have not moved forward as the Internet developed. As a consequence, our competitors moved ahead of us in this channel,” said Mark Taylor, Dawsons' MD.
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"You could say we've done the hard part, we've already got a great retail business and now we're building on that by improving our online offering". He continued: “This is about delivering a high level of customer satisfaction, not a stack-it-high, sell-it-cheap, approach.”

“We want to build a site that is commercially viable but one that does this through adding value to the customer experience,” Taylor added.

“We have a strong store foundation, which is expanding, and we have a good education division with plans to develop further. With the addition of this new website, we can provide customers with access to our business, from whichever channel they prefer.”

Click here to check out the new website.

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