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Crowdfunding Corner: Mogees Play, iSolo, KLOS Guitars, Mana Modular, 4HP Drum Module

Laura  Barnes
Crowdfunding Corner: Mogees Play, iSolo, KLOS Guitars, Mana Modular, 4HP Drum Module

MI Pro checks out the latest musical instrument projects looking for backers, or recently funded, on popular crowdsourcing sites Kickstarter and Indiegogo.


Mogees Play is a smart sensor that attaches to a phone or tablet and turns the world around you into an interface for creating music and playing games.

It’s also an educational tool. It’s been specifically designed with core Music Key Stage skills from the UK National Curriculum in mind.
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Mogees Play comes with three free apps - Pulse, Jam and Keys.

Pulse is an addictive rhythm game with multiple levels which takes the player through varied genres of music, subtly teaching the basics of rhythm, timbre and velocity, from simple dance beats to more complex styles from around the world.

Jam lets you create the music you want, providing accessible tools for instantly build rhythms and loops using the acoustic properties of any object the Mogees Play device is attached to.

Keys lets you create melodies, arpeggios and chords. You can easily experiment with melodic sequences and a huge amount of harmonic variety through simple note and mode selection (for iOS only).

Mogees Play has smashed its £40,000 goal but there’s still time to back to project here.


iSolo is a small wireless microphone designed for use with musical instruments, especially guitars. It pairs to a receiver with one button had has wireless recording capabilities.

The iSolo is small enough to attach to an instrument and can be used to record live shows. This means musicians can get great sound quality without the hassle of cables.

The tiny microphone is integrated with complex radio equipment and is designed to withstand wear and tear. It uses ‘magic carpet’ tech to stick to any solid surface and leaves behind no residue.

You can also adjust and extend the microphone’s audio reception position, meaning you can customise the tone.

The iSolo reached its $19,000 funding goal earlier this year. Check out more info on its Indiegogo page.


Mana Modular is the first in a series of small format mixers designed to enable you, the user, to build and configure your own console.

It was designed to enable you to build your unique setup, shape your own configuration and to grow and change with your needs.

These days, most music is recorded on small systems and laptops. Those large bespoke mixing consoles are nice, but expensive and require meticulous maintenance. Mana 510 is designed to give you the best of both worlds: a premium analogue audio console easily scaled to 32 channels and integrated digital control with low upfront and support costs in a single, modern, ergonomic package.

Features include:

– 10 slots housing any 500 series modules
– Dual mix bus design
– 8 channel, field scale-able, analogue desktop audio console
– PPM meter in every channel
– Mastering grade master section
– Easily expandable in multiples of 8 channels
– High quality Penny and Gilles faders
– Up to 16 channel analogue summing
– Channels cascade & channel controls

Mana modular has reached its £5,000 funding goal, but there’s still time to pledge on its Kickstarter page.


KLOS Guitars has unveiled a new and improved version of its light-weight instrument. The new and improved travel guitars are designed with lighter, stronger, and better sounding carbon fibre.

The Guitar 2.0 has a carbon fibre body and a mahogany wood neck so that when you play it you have the familiar feel of a wooden guitar.

This guitar is multifunctional and ideal for travellers, college students, hikers and more. Children and beginners also will find the guitar comfortable to learn on because of its compact size. Moreover you don't compromise the quality of the sound by buying a slightly smaller size guitar.

The KLOS Guitar 2.0 has obliterated its $12,000 funding goal and there’s still 11 days left to get involved over at its Kickstarter page.


Do you long for those great 70s and 80s drum sounds? Well, wait no more. The Nano Drum euro module gives you 4 trig-able polyphonic drum sounds with CV input.

Users can pick from seven classic drum tracks and project backers can choose to buy a prebuilt 4HP Nano module or, if they’re feeling a bit more adventurous, a Nano Drum DIY kit, which means you can put the module together yourself.

The funding for this project will go towards manufacturing of a first run of 50 units as well as funding R&D for the brand’s next unit.

The vintage drum module is looking for a fixed goal of $3,000. At the time of writing, it has 18% of its target reached and there’s still nine days to go, so plenty of time to get funded. Check out the project on its Indiegogo page.

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