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Crowdfunding Corner: Mighty Flea jazz amp, eCorder, Saw Bench synth, ReString Theory kit

Laura  Barnes
Crowdfunding Corner: Mighty Flea jazz amp, eCorder, Saw Bench synth, ReString Theory kit

MI Pro checks out the latest musical instrument projects looking for backers, or recently funded, on popular crowdsourcing sites Kickstarter and Indiegogo.


The Mighty Flea combines the sound and looks of a vintage guitar amp with the portability of a laptop. It gives you 35W of clean power, through a top-quality 10" speaker and runs off a Lithium (LiFePo4) battery pack with the stamina for at least 2 hours of live playing.

The Mighty Flea has a super-efficient, state-of-the-art, Class D power amp, that converts almost all the battery power into sound (instead of heat, like traditional amps do). It has a carefully designed analogue preamp, with a tone control and an optical limiter, to ensure that the signal from your pickups is perfectly amplified and processed.
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The 32cm square, 20cm deep amplifier, weighs just 6kg and comes with a custom-made, padded shoulder bag so you can take it everywhere.

The Mighty Flea is looking for a funding goal of €2,344 and there’s still plenty of time to get involved here.


The eCorder is an all-electronic Soprano recorder. It plays just like a standard recorder, but can be played in any key and any octave, from Sub-Contra-Bass to Garklein.

It also features MIDI, for use with any other hardware of software synthesizer plug-in, and Analog Control-Voltage (CV) outputs for use with analog synthesizers.

Further extending the capabilities of the acoustic recorder, it has extra holes and sensors to play an extra octave higher and lower, and is equipped with an accelerometer to sense up/down and left/right tilting (which can be flexibly mapped to almost any parameter) as well as two sliders and six additional configurable buttons/ pads.

It features a high-bandwidth pressure sensor for the breath, capacitive finger sensors for the same no-force feel as an acoustic recorder, including flattement. A built-in ultra-low-latency (sub-millisecond) physical-modelled synthesizer provides realistically accurate emulation of the acoustic recorder.

The eCorder has already hit its $4,500 pledge goal but there’s still time to get involved here. 


The Saw Bench Synthesizer is a highly portable and affordable monosynth. MIDI-controlled, with a 100% analog signal path, and a sturdy metal casing, the Saw Bench is available as a hand-made fully assembled unit or as a DIY kit.

It is small and portable, yet very ergonomic, with a focus on hands-on controls with good grouping and spacing.

It features a four-pole diode ladder VCF with high resonance, Frequency Modulation for very deep growling bass sounds, separate ADSR envelopes for VCA and VCF, and MIDI controls of all digital features.

The Saw Bench Synthesizer finished its round of funding last year, where it managed to raise €13,408 – a whopping 265% of its original goal.

Find out more about the Saw Bench Synthesizer over on its Indiegogo page.


ReString Theory aims to give guitar players and other musicians the tools and knowledge to restring their instruments anytime anywhere.

It intends to make stringing a musical instrument easier and more convenient. The kit is combined with easy to use online resources to allow you to string your instrument anytime, anywhere, on any surface.

The ReString Theory kit houses a set of strings, a string winder, a set of wire cutters, along with other miscellaneous accessories.

What makes the ReString Theory kit unique is it folds out to be a neck rest that supports your guitar. The all-in-one compact design will fit in most guitar cases, and is portable enough to allow musicians to maintain their instruments from nearly anywhere.

ReString Theory is looking for $1,000 in funding. There’s still a small amount of time left to help it reach this amount. Visit this Kickstarter page to get involved.

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