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COMMENT: Keep on moving

Ronnie Dungan
COMMENT: Keep on moving

Once again this month, we’ve had both good and bad news at retail with three stores confirmed as going under but news elsewhere of new investment in MI retail.

The loss of Worthing’s Guitar Junction, Bass Merchant of Colchester and Oxford Guitar Gallery too, is perhaps notable only for its predictability in this current climate.
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Guitar Junction owner John Walford’s admission that the firm “couldn’t make ends meet” probably holds true for a lot of dealers out there right now. It’s all about the numbers. Andertons, on the other hand is thriving and expanding its flagship outlet with all sorts of new and exciting add-ons – demo rooms, dedicated areas and so on.Maybe it’s a question of priorities for a lot of stores. It is so difficult to improve the environment when just keeping open week on week is the more pressing concern. And that becomes a vicious spiral that sees struggling shops eventually go under. We should applaud those that are able to reinvest and help (somehow) those that can’t. Out with the old and in with the new is too simplistic an analysis. It’s about momentum.

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