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CloudBounce now lets anyone send their tracks to Abbey Road to be professionally mastered

Laura  Barnes
CloudBounce now lets anyone send their tracks to Abbey Road to be professionally mastered

Finnish tech start-up CloudBounce has announced that it will now offer Abbey Road Studios’ mastering services as an integrated option alongside its own automated mastering service.

The new partnership gives CloudBounce users the flexibility to choose between its high quality, low cost online mastering, or the professional quality of an experienced, human mastering engineer at Abbey Road Studios.

This new integration gives CloudBounce users access to the complete range of mastering options during their creative process, with the convenience of one platform. Costs range from just $4.90 per CloudBounce master with immediate turnaround, up to £90 (+ VAT) for an Abbey Road master, taking up to 5 business days to complete.

The arrival of automated online mastering has provided a low cost flexible alternative to traditional mastering, and has allowed new workflows and creative opportunities, such as instant feedback on an audio track, a high quality demo to send to a label, or even a track immediately ready for commercial use. However, when the highest level of attention to detail and artistic sensitivity is required, human ears and years of experience are irreplaceable.
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Abbey Road Studios’ world leading mastering engineers are able to provide a bespoke service and level of assurance that autonomous mastering services are currently unable to provide.

CloudBounce CEO, Anssi Uimonen, commented: “Cutting edge intelligent automatic mastering technology has allowed us to help the growing amateur musician segment by offering high sound quality with previously unheard of pricing and speed.

“It is a huge privilege for us to be able to open the door to the supreme legacy and quality of the Abbey Road Studios online mastering service via this online integration, and a huge bonus for our customers. We are now able to provide a scaleable and truly unique online mastering experience to cater for all price ranges and productions.”

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