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Carlsbro band competition picks a winner

Ronnie Dungan
Carlsbro band competition picks a winner

The Carlsbro sponsored Global Battle of the Bands UK Final competition, at the 100 Club in London’s West End, saw Birmingham's Rude Tiger take the national title.

The band will join Scottish Final winners Citagazi in representing the UK in the GBOB World Final in Bucharest, in May next year.

Carlsbro has sponsored the UK and Scotland regional and national GBOB finals, promoting the events and driving participation via leading UK MI dealers across the country. The company has provided the backline amplification throughout, with modern reincarnations of classic valve guitar amps like the 50 Top / 4x12 cab, and the TC15H / 1x12 cab, and the powerful Viper 500 head, 410 and 415 cab bass stack; Premier and Zildjian provided the kit.

Carlsbro's International sales director Andrew Bishop commented, “Our involvement with GBOB has been very rewarding, and we are looking to take that forward to the World Final in Bucharest and beyond, with next year’s competition. The nature of GBOB, as an event for live bands performing original material, is something that Carlsbro can directly relate to, as a designer and manufacturer of classic guitar amps since the 1960s. The energy of this competition and the outstanding quality of all the bands that competed across the country, reflects just how important live performance is to the music industry today. And to Rude Tiger and Citagazi, we say well done and see you in Bucharest.”

Patrick Almond, marketing manager of Soundking Europe, added: “The remarkable thing about the 100 Club GBOB Final was just how good and how varied the bands were – from metal to soul funk. It made for a great bill, showcasing great talent. And for Carlsbro, this has been a terrific showcase for its new product. The reaction to classic reissued amps like the 50 Top and the Viper bass stack has been universally enthusiastic, with players blown away with the tone and versatility of these models. There is most definitely a new top guitar amp on the block.”

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