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Big brands back Cavern Club

Ronnie Dungan
Big brands back Cavern Club

Blackstar, Vox and Sennheiser are sponsoring the Cavern Club, as it celebrates the 50th anniversary of the first Beatles gig.

The refurbished Liverpool venue, which saw the Beatles play 292 times, has had a total equipment upgrade and will have three stages - The Blackstar Stage, The Vox Stage and The Sennheiser Stage.The Sennheiser Stage features E935 vocal Microphones and E900 range drum mics, plus ear monitors and the EW500-935 wireless system. The PA is a K-Array Line array system.
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Blackstar equipment includes two Artisan 30 combos, HT-Stage 60 and HT-Pedals while the Vox Stage is known as the Beatles Stage. Ludwig, Epiphone and Zildjian are also involved in the celebrations. “Companies like Vox ,Ludwig, Zildjian and Epiphone are family to us, for obvious reasons,” said Ray Johnson, production manager. “In fact we have recently been twinned with BB King’s Blues Club in Memphis and have a wonderful signed Epiphone BB King Lucille guitar to prove it on display.“The Cavern Club is an integral part of our music history - but is essentially a working club and has never stopped producing live music.“The new generation Blackstar Artisan Series has proved to be a HUGE hit with bands and artists right across the spectrum- their ‘Sound In Your Head’ Cavern stage is impressive. Blackstar have delivered on all counts. “Vox never left us and have been synonymous with the club and the fab four since 1961 – it’s wonderful to have them officially on board. They have a dedicated area The Vox Stage, possibly the most popular stage as it is know as The Beatles Stage and used during the festival.”

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