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BEIRG representatives to meet MPs

BEIRG representatives to meet MPs

John Stevens of Sennheiser announced in an impassioned speech at the MIA awards ceremony on October 3rd that BEIRG had organised the meeting to lobby for a reasonable amount of bandwidth for the theatre and live sound radio microphones.

The move is the result of strategies suggested by PLASA?s political lobbyists and will take place in the Members? Tea Rooms where members of BEIRG will try to make MPs aware of the dangers not only to radio mics and IEM manufacturers, but to the theatre and live entertainment industry, worth tens of millions in London alone each year.

?Obviously it will take more than tea to convince the politicians of the seriousness of this issue,? said Stevens. ?But this is definitely a step in the right direction. If people can alert their own MPs to the situation before this date, it will make the task all the more effective.?

BEIRG was formed in 1986 to work with broadcasters for agreements on which radio frequencies could or could not be used for wireless microphones and IEMs. Now its remit is one of defence, as the government body created to oversee the airwaves, Ofcom, plans to sell off all of the broadcast frequencies and convert the nation?s televisions to digital by 2012.

The price of buying these radio frequencies goes into the billions of pounds and radio mic users are afraid of being cold shouldered by Ofcom and finding themselves with no available bandwidth. This could push theatre and broadcast audio back at least 20 years.

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