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Barnes & Mullins upgrades trade website with individual brand dealership prices

Laura  Barnes
Barnes & Mullins upgrades trade website with individual brand dealership prices

MI distributor Barnes & Mullins has announced significant upgrades to its trade website.

The site will now include main brand dealership prices and bulk quantity discounts.

Customers who have a brand main dealer agreement with a B&M Area Sales Manager can now benefit from instant access to their individual brand dealership prices.

Using their secure website log in, this new service offers all retailers the opportunity to view their individual ‘main dealer’ prices when ordering online.
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If a retailer does not have any assigned main dealerships, they can still benefit from the new upgrades, as for the first time, quantity discounts are published in the form of percentage savings on qualifying products when ordered in specified quantities.

The website now clearly indicates a ‘main dealer’ price, if applicable, alongside standard trade and MSRP prices. This gives a fully comprehensive overview of where main dealers are making financial savings, and where a retailer takes advantage of a quantity discount. These savings will be visible at the checkout process.

“The marketing team at B&M have been working hard to integrate our online and offline systems so that our customers are equipped with the most up to date information. Our goal continues to be making our customer’s lives easier, so that dealing with Barnes & Mullins is as efficient as possible,” said Alex Mew, B&M’s Marketing Director.

“We will now begin the next phase of these upgrades, which will gradually allow much more comprehensive order and account management. We believe that this and subsequent online features will give all of our retailer customers the confidence to regularly order through our web portal.”

Barnes & Mullins’ website upgrades are in effect now with the B&M sales desk on hand to answer any queries.

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