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Ax Wax back

Gary Cooper
Ax Wax back

Ax Wax, the US-produced 2-in-1 guitar polish and string lube is back on the UK market, courtesy of startup distributor, SJH Music Services, run by former Acoustic Magazine editor, Steve Harvey.

Harvey says that the easy to use Ax Wax contains no abrasives, silicones, synthetics or acids and produces a protective and long-lasting, deep shine. He adds that  "Fans of Ax Wax include Fender, CF Martin, Guild, Gretsch, Santa Cruz, Dan Electro and James Goodall Guitars (to name but a few) who all use Ax Wax on their instruments before they leave their factories."

Ax Wax will carry an SRP of £7.95 a bottle.

SJH Music Services: 0845 428 2076
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