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Audio-Technica chosen for Grammys yet again

Daniel Gumble
Audio-Technica chosen for Grammys yet again

Over 250 Audio-Technica microphones were used for the 2012 Grammy Awards on Sunday February 12th, marking the 15th straight year that the company has served the prestigious awards ceremony.

The 54th annual Grammy Awards show, held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, featured a wide selection of the company’s hard-wired mics and Artist Elite 5000 Series UHF Wireless Systems.A number of high-profile artists used the company’s Artist Elite 5000 Series throughout the evening, including Audio-Technica endorser Jason Aldean and The Beach Boys. Aldean performed using wireless AEW-T6100 hypercardioid dynamic handheld Transmitters for his lead vocals, and The Beach Boys used a combination of AEW-T5400 Cardioid Condenser microphone/transmitters and AEW-T6100 units for their vocals.
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The backline mic complement of Audio-Technica wired microphones included additional AE5400s for backing vocals, horns and rotary speaker cabinets (high and low); ATM350 cardioid condenser clip-on microphone for strings; AE5100 cardioid condenser instrument microphone for hi-hat and ride; AT4050 multi-pattern condenser microphone for overheads; and AT4081 phantom-powered bidirectional ribbon microphones and additional AT4050’s for guitar cabinets.

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