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Ashdown makes another push with Hayden range

Jory Mackay
Ashdown makes another push with Hayden range

It has proved a tough nut to crack, but bass amp specialist Ashdown is mounting another assault on the guitar amp market through its Hayden range, in 2013.

The firm is launching new heads, combos and cabinets, all featuring the redesigned Hayden cast metal logo and ‘magic eye’ preamp tube. The revamped Mofo 30 has been overhauled with a heavy-duty housing with integrated side handle, full FX send and return and front mounted stealth switch (30 watt to two-watt attenuation), while the Mini Mofo 15 watt all-tube head has been drastically reduced in size.

It will also be releasing a new, Lil’ Mofo two-watt all-tube head, as well as a series of Mofo combos as well as a new range of compact cabinets available in 1x8, 1x12, 2x12 and 4x12 configurations.

“Obviously, we can’t compete with retailers directly importing Chinese-made American esoteric-branded amplifiers and making double margins, or bringing the price down to make them more aggressive,” said marketing manager Dan Gooday, “but what we can offer is a British company that has its products on TV all the time with all the cool, young bands, backed by a lot of advertising showing these cool, young brands, including Biffy Clyro, Puled Apart by Horses, Eagles of Death Metal, All the Young, Anthrax and many more.
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“We make some of our products here, we have full service facilities, we can offer custom models, we can and do support really well and everything has a five-year warranty. We think we offer better customer service than most companies can offer.

“I hope retailers will see us as an English company, a family business, that still makes products here, and we do, quite a lot of them – even custom products for them if they want – and that offers fantastic support.”

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