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Anika Nilles, Benny Greb, Craig Blundell and more endorse SlapKlatz drum gel

Laura  Barnes
Anika Nilles, Benny Greb, Craig Blundell and more endorse SlapKlatz drum gel

Some of the hottest names in drumming are spreading the word about drum gel damper SlapKlatz.

Benny Greb, Craig Blundell, Anika Nilles, John JR Robinson and more have held their hands high to show why Slapklatz is fast becoming the no.1 gel damper for drums.

The endorsees have also created a buzz on social media using their new promo shots the hashtag #drummershighfive.

Now it’s your turn to get involved and win prizes.
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All you have to do is strike the 'Drummers High Five' Pose with a Slapklatz Alien Green Gel, upload your pose to your chosen social media channel, and make sure you include the hashtag #drummershighfive and tag @ActiveMusicDist.

SlapKlatz is available in two editions.

There’s a 4 pack available in Alien Green or Clear colours. These best seller’s will provide you with endless dampening options as they will stick to both batter and resonant heads. With Slapklatz’s superior stickiness you can even use them on your cymbals or cowbell to produce the perfect amount of tonal management.

This pack contains two medium (3cm) and two large (4cm) gels and comes in a strong pocket-sized container.

If you need more options, then there’s the SlapKlatz Pro, which contains six small (2cm), six medium (3cm) and two large (4cm) gel pads and comes complete with a handy reusable air tight container.  These are also available in Alien Green and Clear.

For more information, contact SlapKlatz’s UK distributor, Active Music, on 020 8693 5678 or

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