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Ampeg creates 'Micro Dealer' network

Ronnie Dungan
Ampeg creates 'Micro Dealer' network

Ampeg has created a new 'Micro Dealer' network, following the launch of its new Micro-CL stack.

The new dealer category will handle the firm's growing range of entry level products including its new Micro-CL amp.

The miniature stack recently joined the Micro-VR in the Classic Series, becoming the smallest and most affordable Ampeg stack in the range. Another compact option for Micro Dealers are the new ultra-compact,  BA-108 and BA-110. They are the latest additions to the highly successful BA Series combos (BA112 and BA115) and are the first-ever genuine Ampeg amps designed specifically for entry-level bassists.

Marking Ampeg’s re-entry into the guitar amp market, the GVT Series is a line of all-tube amps range from an ultra-compact five-watt head, all the way up to a 50-watt, 2x12 combo.

To find out how to become an Ampeg dealer, contact UK sales manager John Kaukis on 0771 259 9010.

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