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ADG adds Emma Electronic to its portfolio of bands

Laura  Barnes
ADG adds Emma Electronic to its portfolio of bands

Audio Distribution Group (ADG) has announced that it will be distributing Emma Electronic exclusively across the entirety of Europe.

Founded in 2000 by Jan Behncke, an electronics engineer and owner of one of the best music stores in Denmark, Emma Electronic has been making some of the most fun and inspiring effect pedals in the business, from its base in Aarhus, Denmark.

The company was built on a vision of creating high-quality products that inspire musicians to play and create, the very minute they are plugged in.

Emma’s first release, the DiscumBOBulator, is a testimony to this philosophy and is often heralded as the world’s best envelope filter. Still standing as a real milestone in the auto-wah world, the DiscumBOBulator is a permanent presence in the rigs of musicians Ida Nielsen, Pino Palladino, Felix Pastorious and Adrien Belew to name but a few.
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Emma has also produced some of the most ambitious amp-like and organic drive pedals over the years – from the versatile boost and crunchy drive tones of the OnoMATOpoeia and StinkBug to the righteous roar and heavy grind of the ReezaFRATzitz and PisdiYAUwot (pictured).

“I’m really happy that Steve, Bruce and the other nice people at ADG will now be taking care of the distribution of Emma Electronic in Europe,” said Behncke.

“The timing is perfect since it allows us to concentrate on developing all the new Emma products that will be in the pipeline shortly. I believe that ADG with their partners are already the specialist in pedal distribution in Europe, therefore the perfect guys for us. I’m really excited about the future.”

Bruce Davidson, ADG’s COO, added: “The Emma Electronic line is much more than ‘just another range of boutique guitar pedals’, the products also sound amazing even on other instruments like keyboards/synths and bass.

“Furthermore, the planned product map in the near future makes us really excited to work with the brand. The product names may be hard to pronounce, but the tones are more than easy to love and with pedal prices now starting at just €139/£125, they’re affordable too.

“With Emma now being much more accessible in Europe, along with the new pricing structure, it means everyone can now put a piece of real Danish-sonic-dynamite on their board!”

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