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Adam Hall Group outlines how it's supporting retailers selling lighting products

Laura  Barnes
Adam Hall Group outlines how it's supporting retailers selling lighting products

Adam Hall Group has brought its Cameo lighting brand to the UK, featuring the Tree of Light – a stand designed to make selling and stocking lighting easy for MI stores.

Like LD systems, Palmer and Gravity, Cameo lighting is 100 per cent owned by the group and has seen success across Europe over the past five years.

“The Tree of Light concept makes the selling and stocking of lighting effects really easy for a music store not used to selling lights,” explained Chris Fearn – Adam Hall’s UK key accounts manager.

“We supply a very smart black piece of truss with a base which stands vertically in your store – this is obviously the tree! We also supply a PC running dedicated demonstration software preprogrammed with our products and then we even come and set it up and supply all the cabling and brackets.  
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“The software is simple and with a few minutes training your staff can demonstrate any product on the tree individually or all together. The investment by the dealer is the stock for the tree and stock to sell. We even have a common stock template, which includes the newest and most popular effects for a music store,” said Fearn.

Like many music stores, Kenny’s Music Glasgow is often asked by its regular customer base (gigging musicians) if it sells lighting. The simple answer was “we can order it in for you” but with limited space, the prospect of stocking a range of lighting products seemed daunting.

Owner Kenny Graham, commented: “Every gigging musician we sell an instrument to will at some point be lit up on stage. So we wanted to be able to offer a selection of lighting in a simple easy to use way. On my recent dealer trip with Adam Hall Group they presented the perfect music store solution – The Cameo tree of light.”

He added: “Sales began immediately, even without promoting the fact we had this in stock. Our staff can demonstrate all of the models and so can I – and I am a drummer!”

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