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Ableton gets set for UK tour

Ableton gets set for UK tour

Ableton and Novation will be undertaking a national tour throughout November with dates in UK cities from Brighton to Glasgow. Product specialists will be demonstrating the latest version of Live, as well as showcasing Novation's brand new Launchpad controller for Ableton, one of the most highly anticipated computer music products on the market.  

The tour will be an opportunity to see Ableton and Novation product specialists demonstrating various features in Live 8, offering tips and tricks to beginners and advanced users, and taking Launchpad through its paces.

The following demonstrations will take place at every event:

  • Ableton for beginners
  • DJing with Live
  • Performing with Live
  • Recording with Live
  • Clinic for advanced users

The tour team will also be giving away Ableton goodies, including stickers, badges, T-shirts, demo disks and sample disks.
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To find your nearest tour venue and to book your place on the tour, visit the Ableton Tour pages of the Novation web site: These events have always been oversubscribed in the past, so early booking is advised

For further information, contact: Chris Mayes-Wright, artist and press relations for Focusrite & Novation, at:

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