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5 things we've learned about the UK's boutique amp market

Daniel Gumble
5 things we've learned about the UK's boutique amp market

As part of our recent Boutique Week, MI Pro spoke to a number of UK boutique amp manufacturers to find out more about the key challenges facing the sector. Here are five things we learned from our conversations...

1.Building a brand is key. Several of the boutique amp builders we spoke to said that building a distinctive brand is crucial to establishing yourself in a highly competitive market.

2. Dealers can do more for boutique businesses. According to some manufacturers, many retailers are reluctant to stray from the brands they know and should be more willing to give boutique names a chance.

3. US market still king. Opportunities across the pond appear to greater, with Americans seemingly enamoured by a made in Britain badge.
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4. Getting products to market is still a huge challenge. Many boutique companies are still struggling to find widespread distribution or dealers prepared to take a punt. As a result, many continue to sell direct.

5. Trade shows are problematic. Whether it’s because some boutique businesses are too small to take the time out, or that they simply can’t afford the often hefty fees, very few boutique brands are taking their products to trade shows.

To find out more about each of the businesses that participated in Boutique Week, click here.

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