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10 terrifying Halloween guitars

Laura  Barnes
10 terrifying Halloween guitars

As is MI Pro tradition, Halloween would not be Halloween without our handy guide the latest horror creations in the guitar world.

We’ve had some devilish guitars in the past – I mean, who could forget the Armless Woman or the Taxidermy Cat? – but we have managed to put together quite a hideous collection for Halloween 2016.

Check out 10 more monstrosities to add to our collection of the most horrific guitars and bass guitars below.

Happy Halloween!
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1. Eye see what you did there


2. Skeleton with a few guts thrown in for good measure


3. Predator scoping out its prey – your ears


4. You can’t have a Predator guitar without an Alien one


5. This skull is not impressed by your noodling


6. You can’t have a Halloween guitar list without an Axe


7. Just hideous


8. Classic skull/fires of hell combo


9. Speaking of fire, this guitar is smouldering


10. Last but certainly not least, this bizarre bass carved like a snake…with a random foot, of course

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