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You can now sample Freddie Mercury’s favourite grand piano

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Laura  Barnes
You can now sample Freddie Mercury’s favourite grand piano

“This is not a regular sample library; this is something bigger."

The Queen frontman’s Fazioli F228 was recorded and sampled at London’s Metropolis Studio.

Wavesfactory’s ‘Mercury’ is an aptly named sample-based grand piano virtual instrument for Native Instrument’s Kontakt Player.

It features Queen frontman Freddie Mercury’s favoured Fazioli F228 grand piano, professionally recorded to the highest standard possible in Studio A at London’s leading Metropolis Studios.

“I’ve been a Queen fan since I was a little boy,” said Wavesfactory founder Jesús Ginard. “I remember listening to the Made In Heaven album on cassette and being absolutely amazed by it. That album totally changed my musical perspective. Fast-forward to 2014, I saw that Metropolis Studios had uploaded a photo of a nice Fazioli piano in one of their studios, stating that it’s ‘…the Freddie Mercury piano.’ I know Queen recorded their last albums there, so I asked, ‘Is this a regular piano named after Freddie Mercury or was it actually his piano?’ ‘This was his piano,’ they answered.”

Fast-forwarding a little further and Jesús Ginard travelled to London in November 2015 to sample Freddie Mercury’s Fazioli F228.

“It was a dream come true – a dream I didn’t want to become a nightmare,” said Ginard. “Apart from the fact that this was Freddie’s, the studio and the sound was really magical. If done well, I thought that this could be the perfect piano library – not only for Queen fans, of course!”

Ginard recorded a total of 80GB of content at Metropolis. After the editing process was completed by sample-cutting supremo Elan Hickler of Soundemote, the final file size was 60GB – down to 34GB when finally served up as 38,000 superlative samples in Native Instruments’ NCW (Native Compressed Wave) format (designed to save an imported .WAV audio file using compression so the file uses less disk space).

Scripting alone took around nine months to complete, bringing about some features not yet seen on other sample-based virtual instruments, paying particular attention to the most minimal details to make it the perfect piano library, as had been Ginard’s dream from its inception.

Mercury features an impressive GUI (Graphical User Interface) created and rendered in 3D by Voger Design. Replete with a knowing nod of 3D rendered reverence to the Queen frontman’s classic crown and king’s robe stage outfit, Mercury’s MIXER page permits independent control of each of those perfectly-positioned (Ultraclose, Close, Mono, Mid, and Far) Metropolis mics with parameters usually associated with an audio mixing console for ‘position enhanced’ mixing.

Mercury users can change the Fazioli F228’s sound in so many different ways while always retaining natural-sounding characteristics. Mercury sounds warm and emotional — perfect for intimate, low-key compositions, but it is also very punchy and aggressive on high velocities, a contrasting combination not usually found on other sampled-based virtual instruments, as audibly evidenced by its impressive 42 presets.

Ginard concludes: “This is not a regular sample library; this is something bigger. I’ve been waiting for this moment for a whole year. Now it’s time for you to play it, and I hope that you like it as much as we do.”

Mercury is fully compatible with Native Instruments’ NKS (Native Kontrol Standard), an extended plug-in format allowing advanced integration with the company’s Kontrol keyboard controllers.

Mercury can be bought directly from Wavesfactory as a Native Instruments Kontakt Player (version 5.2.2) powered sample-based virtual instrument for an introductory promo price of €99 – rising to an RRP of €149 on December 5th, 2016.

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