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WATCH: Mad Professor introduces Golden Cello pedal

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Mad Professor


Laura  Barnes
WATCH: Mad Professor introduces Golden Cello pedal

See and hear Marko Karhu test out the new pedal through a vintage Marshall amp.

Mad Professor is back with another new model in its overdrive pedal range.

The Golden Cello provides a huge singing overdrive tone with a high quality tape echo type delay.

With singing sustain and emotive, atmospheric delay, the Golden Cello is the kind of thing lead guitarists dream about.

As Mad Professor puts it: “In order to build this kind of tone you would need an old Marshall head, tube driven overdrive pedal, a fuzz pedal and a EP-3 echoplex. Also you would need the knowledge to mix and match these gear blocks in a right way.

“Golden Cello makes things easy as all you need now is one slot from your pedalboard and a clean amplifier to plug your Golden Cello pedal into. To get this kind of tone anywhere else would cost you thousands of dollars and hours of knob twisting.”

Watch the new pedal in action in this video featuring Marko Karhu playing the Golden Cello through a vintage Marshall amp:

Mad Professor’s Golden Cello overdrive pedal is available now with an RRP of €225.

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