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WATCH: EarthQuaker Devices’ new Transmisser Reverb coming to UK

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Laura  Barnes
WATCH: EarthQuaker Devices’ new Transmisser Reverb coming to UK

"The Transmisser will create an ultimate soundscape-y backdrop to your all-night guitar freak-out."

The new dynamic pedal offers modulated revert for guitar and synth players.

Audio Distribution Group has revealed that the latest pedal from EarthQuaker Devices will be making its way to the UK via the distributor in October.

The Transmisser Reverb is a highly tweakable and extremely dynamic modulated reverb for guitar and synth players.

“It contains a thousand shades of lush, cavernous ambient reverbs, and the ability to change the frequency of the modulated sweep on the fly via an external expression pedal, this ethereal enigma is sure to become a smash-hit with every musician who likes to get lost in space,” promises the makers of this unique pedal.

It has an extra-long decay fed to a highly resonant filter. The highly tweakable modulated reverb enables the user to go from small sparkling spaces to endless intergalactic reverbs in seconds flat.  

It has ‘expression input’ to let you shape the modulation frequency on the fly, as well as true bypass switching and top-mounted jacks – for effortless pedalboard implementation.

The three controls across the top labelled Decay, Darkness and Freq affect the character of the reverberated signal.

Decay controls the length of the reverb tail. Set it for one second or eternity depending on your mood.

Darkness controls the overtones in the reverb tails. You can choose bright and shimmery or dark and dusty.

Freq controls the frequency of the resonant low pass filter. The filter is set just on the verge of oscillation and is really the heart of what makes the Transmisser the Transmisser. Even a subtle nudge of this control can take it from ethereal howl to a shimmery scream. This control can also be put under the spell of an expression control located on the Eastern side of the device.

The three controls across the bottom labelled Warp, Rate and Mix affect how the entire reverb processor behaves.

The Transmisser has a fully analog dry signal path, fully digital reverberation path and electronic relay based true-bypass switching. It is powered by a standard 9-volt DC power supply with a 2.1mm negative center barrel and has a current draw of 70ma.

“If you can’t already tell, the Transmisser is not your every-day reverberation device. It does not do subtle. It does not do spring. It does not do a wood paneled rumpus room with 1” thick carpet. It will not recreate the classic sounds of the 60s, 70s and 80s,” explained EarthQuaker Devices.

“The Transmisser will create an ultimate soundscape-y backdrop to your all-night guitar freak-out. It’ll quickly turn you into a one note per minute knob twiddler. It’ll make you want to break out that dusty old expression pedal to do slow riding filter sweeps for days. It’ll get you out of that stupid ergonomic chair, close that flaptop computer and force you to enjoy playing music again and that’s the most important thing!”

The makers claim that each Transmisser is “populated by robots” and assembled by “glassy eyed human beans in a bunker buried 12 leagues under the sonic astronomy appreciation society of Akron, Ohio, USA”.

You can get your hands on one from October 3rd 2016 onwards. But for now, you can check out the Transmisser in action in the video below.

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