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VOX introduces VTX amp bundles

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Laura  Barnes
VOX introduces VTX amp bundles

The bundle represents a saving of over 65% on the usual price of the controller.

VOX has announced that its award-winning VTX modelling amps are now available with the VFS-5 5-way foot controller as a special bundle.

The VFS-5 controller is a great advantage for players performing live or creating sounds.

The bundle represents a saving of over 65% on the usual price of the controller and is available for all three versions of the VTX, meaning you’ll be able to pick from VOX’s 20w, 40w and 100w formats.

The VTX Series represents an evolutionary step in VOX’s Valvetronix Series. These amps combine sophisticated modelling technology with a multi-stage tube pre-amp circuit to reproduce the unique distortion, touch sensitivity, and response that is characteristic of classic tube amps.

The most compact amplifier in the VTX Series, the VT20X is rated at 20 Watts, making it the ideal choice for an at-home amplifier.

With more power and a larger speaker, the VT40X is a great option for practicing, recording, and even gigging.

Rated at 100 Watts, the VT100X is the most powerful amp in the Valvetronix lineup. Designed for the stage, or the studio, this compact combo is loud enough for any venue.

For more information contact KORG UK on 01908 304600.


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