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Tombo introduces innovative new chromatic harmonica

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Daniel Gumble
Tombo introduces innovative new chromatic harmonica

The Tombo‘?-01 (Mew-01)

The new chromatic harmonica range is available via Barnes & Mullins.

New ‘?-01’ (Mew-01) harmonica is available in two variants.

Japanese harmonica specialist Tombo has introduced an innovative new chromatic harmonica in an all-new style – the New ‘μ-01’ (Mew-01).

There are currently two types of ‘Slide’ Chromatic harmonicas: Straight and Cross-Key. Cross-Key Chromatic harmonicas feature wide apertures that allow for more breath to pass through, providing optimium tonal balance on each key and a full sound. However, the drawback has always been in the slide’s longer distance of travel.

Now, engineers at Tombo have focused on attaining the ‘best of both worlds’ by way of a new chromatic harmonica with a bigger aperture but shorter slide distance.

The ‘μ-01’ (Mew-01) features a sub-slide, which has an inverse movement when the main slide is pressed. As a result, in order to cover a 6mm aperture, a press of just 3mm is needed, halving the effort and time required.

With all moving parts precision engineered to require minimal maintenance, the Short-Cross system allows musicians to play fast musical passages with greater fluidity, whilst remaining confident in the instrument’s long-term performance.

The ‘μ-01’ (Mew-01) also features a textured mouthpiece designed to help guard against dry lips; cover-plates made of a highly tonally consistent brass core; and 100 per cent lead-free reeds, which, in conjunction with the all-new windsaver design, deliver enhanced sound quality.

The ‘μ-01’ (Mew-01) harmonica model is available in two variants:

2248 – Matt Black ‘μ-01’ - £525.00
2248PG  - Pink Gold Plated - £750.00

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