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Studiomaster grows digiLIVE16 mixer series

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Daniel Gumble
Studiomaster grows digiLIVE16 mixer series

New Studiomaster lines

The company has introduced two new products in Frankfurt.

New Studiomaster lines announced in Frankfurt.

The Studiomaster digiLiVE16R is an ultra-compact ‘blackbox’ iPad-driven version of the Studiomaster digiLiVE16 hybrid concept micro-mixer, which offers simultaneous remote tablet and console operation and is also on the company’s booth.

The digiLiVE16R mixer provides identical internal features and buss specifications to the console format digiLiVE16 and is fully Wi-Fi controllable from an iPad. With a 16 input/16 bus/8 output configuration, the mixer features state-of-the-art DSP technology, including 40-bit floating point, fourth generation SHARC internal processing and proprietary mix algorithms for EQ, dynamics and FX.

12 XLR mic input channels, 24 bit/48 kHz AD / DA conversion and up to eight internal effects busses with reverb, delay, 15 band EQ and modulation, are included on the extensive spec list. The eight ‘smart’ XLR analogue outputs are assignable. Outputs also include digital AES/EBU and SPDIF. A USB interface supports playback and recording, scene storage and system updating.

Studiomaster is also expanding the breadth of its SR speaker offering with the introduction of its Tower compact, iPad mix controllable column-array system. This incorporates the digiLiVE16R, making it the first portable column speaker system to include a fully-fledged digital mix system.

12 XLR mic input channels, four line inputs, 16 internal busses – including 8 ‘smart’, user-defined analogue outputs (two internal to the speaker system and six external outs on XLR) – proprietary algorithms for EQ, dynamics and FX and a raft of other mix settings that are remotely controllable and programmable via Wi-Fi from the iPad mix app. Also included are AES/EBU and SPDIF digital I/Os, and dual USB ports for playback, recording and scene storage applications.

Variable configurations of three different column array cabinets – 4x4”, 6x3”, 8x2” – for use with the 1216 enable a wide range of sound reinforcement solutions for all manner of fixed and portable performance and audio playback applications.


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