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StudioLinked introduces Zaytoven's Funky Fingers virtual instrument

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Laura  Barnes
StudioLinked introduces Zaytoven's Funky Fingers virtual instrument

The new software is aimed as aspiring producers and features 500 presets across 17 instrument categories.

StudioLinked has announced the availability of Zaytoven’s Funky Fingers – a dynamic virtual instrument influenced by the signature sound of Grammy award-winning American record producer, DJ, and pianist Zaytoven.

Aimed at aspiring producers and budding beat-makers, the software features no fewer than 500 Zaytoven-influenced presets across 17 instrument categories, including Chords, Keyboards, Low End Bass, Organ Runs, Subs & 808s, Drums and more.

Moreover, users can craft their own original sounds, speedily accessing various controls, including Attack, Decay, Sustain, and Release; Glide; Low, Low Mid, High Mid, and High EQ; Trance Gate; Chords; Low Pass and High Pass filtering with Resonance; ARP (arpeggiator); and effects such as Reverb, Chorus, Pitch, Phaser, and Tremolo.

Asked about the motivation behind the creation of his virtual instrument namesake, Zaytoven said: “I just took everything I learned over all of the years of making beats and playing piano, and put it into this virtual instrument engineered with the modern producer in mind.”

Zaytoven artist Arryet Love has also recorded some amazing vocal runs, which have been placed into the virtual instrument itself (as Arryet Vox Runs). Meanwhile, Melody Starters sample tons of Rhodes-played, pre-made melodies that are helpful for sparking inspiration.

“I remember back in the day in my bedroom when I just had a keyboard – not even really a drum machine, and I wanted to make beats,” revealed Zaytoven. “I would listen to the radio, listening to all the sounds, and I was, like, ‘Man, ain’t ever gonna be able to make beats sounding that good, because I don’t have the tech and sounds that those guys are using to make it sound so good.’ So that’s really why I came up with my own plug-in. This is just something to spark creativity right now, because sound has always inspired me to make beats – from the piano riffs to auto-organ and church organ that I like to use… it’s all right here, man! Right here for you to grab, so make sure that you get it – Funky Fingers!”

Zaytoven’s Funky Fingers is available for online purchase directly from StudioLinked – as a 32- and 64-bit AU and VST plug-in for Mac and PC – for $249.99.

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