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StageClix launches Jack Version 4 wireless system

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Laura  Barnes
StageClix launches Jack Version 4 wireless system

The eceiver has a display showing the channel number, wireless signal strength, battery status and RFI status.

Up to 12 systems can be used within one venue.

Holland’s StageClix has launched a new version of its Jack wireless system with a re-designed receiver.

In the six years since it's launch, the original stageClix Jack has led the way among digital systems for guitars and basses, and has been adopted by many high profile players.

It is the only system to offer the combination of a compact 'bug' style transmitter, unique triple diversity for operational reliability, and recharging of the transmitter batteries by plugging into the receiver.

The impedance is a massive 4.7 meg ohm, guaranteeing no loading-down effect.

“The 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi band in which stageClix originally worked has become seriously overcrowded with 6 trillion mobile phones,” said the firm. “So stageClix now offers Version 4, which works in the sparsely used 5.8GHz while still retaining all the other plus points.”

The new receiver has a display showing the channel number, wireless signal strength, the battery status and RFI status (anti-interference circuitry), plus an input volume led ladder, and guides you with short phrases during setup, synchronisation and channel changing.

The display can be dimmed or reversed, i.e. a black background with white legend.

Other benefits include no compander, 10-21kHz bandwidth (better for basses), Li-On battery pack with 4 hours straight use, almost indestructible polycarbonate transmitter housing, and patented triple diversity – using 3 frequencies at the same time within 1 channel means almost zero chance of dropouts.  

Plus you can use up to 12 systems in one venue, and the complete package comes with a power supply with 4 exchangeable pin-sets for globetrotting musician.

The StageClix Jack Version 4 has an SRP of £475.68 and is available now from


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