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Spitfire’s Sacconi Strings – Quartet gets new update

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Laura  Barnes
Spitfire’s Sacconi Strings – Quartet gets new update

Sacconi Strings - Quartet includes a ‘baked’ Ensembles section, so users can quickly sketch quartet compositions.

The new sample bank took four years to complete.

Spitfire Audio has announced an updated version of Sacconi Strings – Quartet, its purpose-built tool for writing string quartets.

All the samples have been performed by the namesake Sacconi Quartet in what the firm says is “arguably the best-sounding chamber acoustic in the world”.

The sample-based virtual instrument works with Native Instruments’ industry-standard KONTAKT platform and was four years in the making.

Individual instruments, such as the Violin 1, Violin 2, Viola, and Cello, can all be used in two different modes: choose between ‘traditional’ Keyswitches that change articulation type via inaudible notes being hit on a controller keyboard or so-called Playable patches for each instrument, all based around a tool that automatically analyses the way that the patch is being played and interprets the style of performance required, by selecting from several spiccatos, various longs, and a selection of True Legato transitions for maximum effectiveness.

Sacconi Strings - Quartet also includes a ‘baked’ Ensembles section, so users can quickly sketch quartet compositions using both hands before splitting off the separate parts.

As with all of Spitfire Audio’s superlative sample-based virtual instruments, the musicians involved earn a royalty from every copy sold. Spitfire Audio has also extended this royalty to Wigmore Hall, hoping that it helps them to continue their wonderful work, promoting 400 concerts annually and broadcasting a weekly concert on BBC Radio 3 — attracting several-hundred- thousand listeners as well as an international Internet audience — alongside an extensive education programme throughout London and beyond.

“Sacconi Strings - Quartet is a project that we’ve been working on for a long time, and something that’s very close to our hearts, having worked with quartets many times — especially at the beginning of our careers as composers, when the budget for players wasn’t quite so large,” said Spiffire Audio co-founder Paul Thomson.

“You get used to the amazing kind of crosstalk and the amazing way that quartets who’ve been playing together for a long time are able to modulate their performances to match. The way that the sound blends is very, very interesting and unique.”

Sacconi Strings - Quartet can be purchased and digitally downloaded from Spitfire Audio for £399.00.

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