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Spitfire introduces Symphony Orchestra - detailed symphonic sampling for film, games and radio scores

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Laura  Barnes
Spitfire introduces Symphony Orchestra - detailed symphonic sampling for film, games and radio scores

Spitfire’s latest offering was five years in the making.

Spitfire Audio has unveiled the Symphony Orchestra (SSO) – new software sampling everything needed to create blockbuster symphonic works for film, games, radio, and television.

Created at Lyndhurst Hall within London’s legendary AIR Studios, this all-in-one, comprehensive core-level professional product is for Native Instruments’ industry-standard KONTAKT PLAYER platform.

SSO is an epic saga of orchestral instrument recordings unified under the same roof of Lyndhurst Hall – Britain’s premier scoring facility, attracting some of the world’s biggest movies scores, as well as maintaining its popularity with major classical labels and high-profile recording artists.

“10 years in design, five years in the making, SSO ushers in a new chapter in the company’s history – the pinnacle of Spitfire Audio’s achievements over the last decade, to put it bluntly,” explained Spitfire Audio.

“But even after 50-plus award-winning sample-based orchestral virtual instruments, it’s also an evolution of technique, a codification of the company’s craft. Closely working with A-list composers on AAA productions (with big-budget development and marketing), and as composers working at the coalface themselves, SSO is a culmination of Spitfire Audio’s authentic experience… encyclopaedic in its learning, Death Star-like in its execution of orchestral packages to die for!”

The new software includes Spitfire Symphonic Strings, Spitfire Symphonic Brass and Spitfire Symphonic Woodwinds. However, that’s not all – Spitfire Masse meticulously delivers a mega-epic, instant orchestra created from re-orchestrating the best of SSO. As an exclusive toolset only available to owners of SSO, this is designed for pros working to their limit, feeling the need for speed to get them to the deadline on time.

Arranged and orchestrated by Spitfire Audio’s award-winning compositional team, these no-nonsense single patches for two-handed use with multiple and transformative dynamics controlled via CC#1 (modulation wheel) pay particular studious attention to their responsiveness and playability.

Spitfire Symphony Orchestra can be purchased and digitally downloaded (as 385.9 GB of uncompressed .WAV files, featuring 273,758 samples) from Spitfire Audio for £1,499.

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