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Sontronics launches new UK-made preamp and mic packs

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Jory Mackay
Sontronics STC-3X

British microphone brand Sontronics, has announced the immediate release of new products including the Sonora 2 preamp/DI and STC-20 and STC-3X mic packs.

At the most recent AES show, British microphone brand Sontronics announced the immediate release of its Sonora 2 preamp.

After two years of research and design, Sontronics has released its newest dual-channel solid-state preamp/DI, the Sonora 2 (£699 RRP).  The preamp features Sontronics’ proprietary Class A vintage circuit design, and is capable of delivering an exceptional standard of audio reproduction with a classy, silky finish. The Sonora 2 also features two combined XLR & ¼” jack inputs plus four individual outputs (two XLR, two TRS jack) as well as a –20dB pad, 75Hz high-pass filter, 180° phase reverse switch and 48V phantom power on each channel.

Sontronics also announced the relase of two new all-in-one mic packs, the STC-20 and STC-3X.

The STC-20 and STC-3X packs are all-in-one mic packs intended for anyone wanting to start recording right away.  The STC-20 (£209 RRP) includes Sontronics’ STC-20 large-diaphragm cardioid condenser mic with gold-sputtered one-inch capsule. The STC-3X (£305 RRP) includes Sontronics’ STC-3X condenser mic with three polar patterns – cardioid, omni and figure-of-eight – plus a pad (0, -10, -20dB) and high-pass filter (linear, 75Hz, 150Hz). Available in black or silver.

Both packs include the following accessories:
• spider-style shockmount with two spare elastics
• nylon-mesh pro-quality popshield
• 5-metre XLR cable
• zip-up microphone pouch

Sontronics products are designed, developed and manufactured in the UK.

For more information, visit Sontronics' website.


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