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Rotosound releases new guitar slide range

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Jory Mackay
Rotosound releases new guitar slide range

To complement its growing accessory line, Rotosound has announced a new range of guitar slides.

Rotosound's new 2mm thick slides are available in glass, steel and brass and come in both 60mm and 40mm lengths.

The Pyrex Glass Bottleneck Slides (double pack RRP £9.95, single pack RRP £5.95) are designed to ride the strings lightly, giving a very pure and clean tone.

The Brass Slide (double pack RRP £24.95, single pack £11.95) is designed for a more retro, blues sound and gives a more mellow growl with bright resonance and high sustain when compared to the glass slide.

Finally, the new stainless Steel Slide (double pack RRP £16.95, single pack £9.95) produces a sound somewhere inbetween the glass and brass versions. As stainless steel is corrosion resistant, the slide has the ability to self heal minor surface scratches keeping the slide frictionless. The steel slide has a sharp brassy tone with some grit in it and produces a tone that is more brash with a long sustain and good harmonics.

For more information, visit the Rotosound website here.


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