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Radioshop launches Chris Buck signature pickups

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Laura  Barnes
Radioshop launches Chris Buck signature pickups

The unspotted inner core of the new pickups increase sensitivity, dynamics and tone.

Radioshop has launched its new Chris Buck signature pickups – the company’s first product in its new ID: Series single coil pickup range.

With an unpotted inner core, the unique design is aimed at electric fingerpickers and focuses on increased dynamics, sensitivity and tone.

Fast becoming the UK’s most inspiring young guitarist, Chris Buck can rock out with the rest of them with the ID: Series and a hard edged pic, but it’s his ‘pic-thumb-finger’ rotation technique which is raising more than a few eyebrows on the live circuit. Like many electric guitar players, Buck prefers single coils for their articulate response and clarity for this style of playing.

“Rather than featuring single coil pickups that have been entirely wax potted,?our ID: Series single coil pickups have an unpotted inner core. This increases sensitivity, dynamics and tone whilst seriously enhancing the classic, hollow bell-like chime across all 5 positions, especially in Chris’s favoured 2 and 4,” explained Radioshop’s Paul Best.

All ID: Series pickups are wound in-house featuring period correct 42 AWG heavy Formvar copper wire and hand-bevelled, staggered Alnico 5 magnets. The neck and middle units have a 6.0k resistance, whilst at 6.5, the bridge model - set in the company’s own designed metal base plate - delivers a little extra growl and output.

Radio Shop’s ID: Series Chris Buck Single Coil Pickups pricing is as follows:
– Set of 3: £188.
– Singles: Neck/Middle £60.
– Bridge: £65

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