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New Steinway Spirio system ‘most significant innovation in 70 years'

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Daniel Gumble
New Steinway Spirio system ‘most significant innovation in 70 years'

Steinway Spirio

The new system can be controlled by an app and comes complete with a complimentary iPad.

Player piano system marks a new digital direction for the firm.

Steinway has unveiled its new Spirio digital player piano system, which it is describing as its most significant product innovation in over 70 years.

Available exclusively on select Steinway grand pianos, the Spirio system can be controlled by an app – it comes complete with an iPad - and is designed to reproduce all manner of subtle playing techniques, inclduing delicate pedalling, subtle phrasing and soft trills. Damper and keyshift pedalling are also replicated, following the player’s depressions and releases smoothly and precisely over the entire range of motion.

Capitalising on Spirio’s capabilities, Steinway is recording an entirely new catalogue of music for the system, featuring the roster of over 1,700 Steinway artists performing a wide range of genres, from classical and jazz to standards and contemporary. All pieces in the catalogue are recorded, edited and released in high-resolution, using a proprietary data format built to capture the finest details from each artist’s performance. The full catalogue of performances will be provided to Spirio owners at no additional charge — a first for the player piano industry.

Spirio is the product of Steinway’s partnership with Wayne Stahnke – one of the foremost innovators in the field of modern player pianos. The system’s optimised playback results from the combination of numerous patented developments, including closed-loop proportional pedalling, immunity to varying line voltage, sophisticated thermal compensation and proprietary high-resolution drive techniques.

Completely hidden from view, its components do not affect the touch, sound or outward appearance of the piano in any way. Spirio’s modular design isolates the core player system from rapidly changing user interface technologies, ensuring decades of use. With routine maintenance and occasional updates, the Spirio player piano system is expected to last the full lifetime of the piano.

To control the system today, the firm is providing a complimentary iPad to wirelessly connect with each Spirio system. The easy-to-use Spirio app puts the firm’s library of performances at the owner’s fingertips; all recorded live on Steinway’s master recording pianos. As new music files become available, they are automatically added to the in-app listings.

Michael Sweeney, CEO of Steinway, said: "Since the founding of Steinway & Sons over 160 years ago, innovation and craftsmanship have served as the core tenets of the company. In today’s marketplace, brands like ours must continue to innovate in order to remain relevant to the world around us, but that doesn't mean that quality and craftsmanship can suffer.

"After years of exploration, Steinway & Sons has created in the Steinway Spirio a high-resolution player piano that is rich with emotion and depth. Even the Steinway artists that have recorded on the instrument agree that the Steinway Spirio captures the true essence, nuance, and soulfulness of a live performance, allowing us to bring artists and their audiences closer than ever before."

“Steinway Spirio connects the listener and the artist as only the world’s finest piano can," added Darren Marshall, chief marketing officer for Steinway. "Steinway Spirio technology has been engineered to meet our highest standards while creating a truly unique listening experience for all music enthusiasts, regardless of their own piano playing skills."

The Spirio system will be made available in three existing piano models: Model B (Music Room Grand, available worldwide), Model M (Medium Grand, available in select US and Canadian markets), and Model O (Living Room Grand, available in select European and Asian markets).

Pricing is available upon request through local Steinway dealers and retail locations.

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You can check out Steinway artists discussing the new system in the clip below.


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