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New Palmer Batpack offers portable power to pedalboards

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Laura  Barnes
New Palmer Batpack offers portable power to pedalboards

The Batpack is available in a 4000 mAh battery capacity and an 8000 mAh battery capacity.

The power pack gives up to eight hours of battery life to devices and pedals.

Adam Hall Group has unveiled a new rechargeable power pack designed for powering effects pedals.

The Palmer Batpack works like a power band and can provide power to various effect devices on a pedalboard.

The power pack is available in two models: Batpack 4000 (4000 mAh battery capacity) and Batpack 8000 (8000 mAh battery capacity).

Both chargers are optimised for use with Palmer Pedalbays. But these light-aluminium, full-metal devices also contain twelve mounting openings so that they can be used with other boards.

Two insulated 9-volt DC outlets each provide 500 mAh. The long-life 7.4-volt lithium-polymer cells take four hours to charge in the Batbpack 4000 or eight hours in the case of the Batpack 8000. When fully charged – and depending on the power consumption of the connected pedals – the power supply will last for four (Batpack 4000) or eight (Batpack 8000) hours.

Remaining battery life is conveniently displayed on the five-segment LED. The Batpack is also fully functional while being charged.

Devices such as smartphones and tablets can also be charged via the 5-volt (1 A) type-A USB outlet.

The Palmer Batpack is available in Q3 2016 and available via Adam Hall Group.

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