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New Erupter fuzz pedal from EarthQuaker Devices

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Guitar pedal


EarthQuaker Devices


Laura  Barnes
New Erupter fuzz pedal from EarthQuaker Devices

The pedal was two years in the making and its available in the UK via ADG.

EarthQuaker Devices has launched a brand new fuzz pedal called the Erupter.

Available now in the UK from the ADG/Filling alliance, the Erupter is described as ‘the distillation of EarthQuaker president Jamie Stillman’s unabashed love for fuzz’.

The pedal’s creation was two years in the making, and promises the ultimate, classic fuzz tone.

Offering crushing yet defined low-end and a smooth yet present top-end, the Erupter comes with bias control to create spluttery, gated tones and harmonically rich and punch fuzz.

Dynamic response lets you drastically change the tone simply by altering your attack or adjusting your guitar’s volume and/or tone. There’s also true bypass, silent soft-touch switching, and an all-analog signal path.

The Erupter also comes with top-mounted jacks for effortless pedalboard implementation.

As a fuzz device, Erupter sounds good with any pickup type anywhere in the effects chain without any impedance mismatching and even before a wah pedal. To this end, the Erupter uses a buffered input section, transformer-based pickup simulation, new production 5% ½ watt carbon composition resistors, metallized polyester film capacitors, Sprague and BC electrolytic capacitors, plus low-gain, hand-matched NOS silicon transistors to deliver a well-rounded and defined fuzz tone with just enough pummelling intensity.

The Erupter can be powered by a standard 9-volt DC power supply with a 2.1mm negative centre barrel or a standard 9V battery. Each and every Erupter is built by the hands of “real-life dream warriors” in the foothills of Mt. Akron, Ohio USA.

EarthQuaker Device’s Erupter fuzz pedal is available now from ADG, with a UK RRP of £155.

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