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NAMM 2017: Vater launches signature sticks for Abe Cunningham and Anthony Michelli

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Laura  Barnes
NAMM 2017: Vater launches signature sticks for Abe Cunningham and Anthony Michelli

There are also new mallets and acorn-tipped models from the brand.

Vater has unveiled its latest drumsticks at NAMM, including new signature sticks, new acorn tips on classic models, and more.

First up, Abe Cunningham from Deftones has a new drumstick design, which is the perfect stick choice for when a 5B is too light and a 2B/Rock model is too heavy.

The slightly enlarged diameter, heavier taper and little extra length make Abe’s model great for harder hitting drummers but is also very suitable for laid back/solid groove playing.

The medium sized acorn tip delivers warm but articulate tones from around the kit.

Next up, Canadian drummer Anthony Michelli has a new model that is just under a 5B in size and weight. Anthony’s AM 595 design principal focuses on being a versatile and all-purpose stick suitable for various types of stylistic applications while ensuring the maximum bounce and balance throughout.

The acorn tip accentuates the full and complex tonal frequency range inherent in both drums and cymbals.

Vater has also added three new acorn tipped versions for the popular 5A, Power 5A, and Power 5B drumstick models. Same specs as the original classic Vater models, but with acorn tips for warmer and fatter drum and cymbal tones as well as great response.

There’s also a new woody wire retractable brush. A classic feeling retractable wire brush, but with a wood handle for more of a drumstick feel. Nicely weighted with a standard wire gauge for versatility and great tones.

Vater has two new marching tenor sticks: the SUMO and the Articulate.

Just like a Sumo wrestler, power and speed make the SUMO Tenor stick perfect blend of a stick and mallet. The large round black nylon tip generates more surface contact creating a big yet articulate sound, while the balance and taper of the hickory shaft facilitates speed, control, great “wood” rim shots without the vibration of an aluminium shaft. Great feel on practice pads also.

The Articulate Tenor is the perfect blend of a marching stick with a drum set tip. This small round nylon tip has been a favourite of drum set players and is now available on a marching stick. Specifically designed for the needs of the Indoor Drum lines, the “Articulate” was created for that cutting sound without adding volume. It has a great attack, rebound and cutting sound, making it a perfect choice for the indoor Snare or Tenor drummers. Also produces a great sound on cymbals, cowbells and other accessories attached to the marching drums.

Lastly, there’s a new concert bass drum mallet from Vater. It features a unique reverse tapered shaft that allows for easier control in the grip area while creating more weight towards the mallet head.

The medium large Puff Fleece mallet head produces a warm, low, full sound yet will yield great articulation at all volumes. Grip diameter measures .750” and tapers to .900” right after the gripping area of the handle.

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