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NAMM 2017: Orange unveils new gear including its first ever acoustic pre-amp

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Laura  Barnes
NAMM 2017: Orange unveils new gear including its first ever acoustic pre-amp

Orange has also introduced the Rocker 15 and 32 combo amps, along with the Kongpressor pedal.

Orange has unveiled new combo amps, a new compression pedal and its first ever acoustic pre-amp at NAMM.

The Orange Acoustic Pre is the company’s first foray into the acoustic pre-amp market. Handmade in the UK, the Acoustic Pre is the world’s first stereo valve acoustic pre-amp and active DI, offering supreme clarity and unrivalled performance.

Designed and built to be used on stage and in the studio it affords the same warmth, natural compression and rich harmonics to acoustic players, previously only available to their electric counterparts.

The twin channels can be used independently, or blended together. The unique valve Channel A is for active and passive instruments with completely different circuitry to most valve guitar amps. This gives it a much wider frequency range enabling it to capture every subtle nuance of an acoustic guitar.

It features a variable ‘Heat’ control, which directly affects the tonal response of the valve, bringing in more sparkle and ‘air’ as it increases. This adds extra detail to delicate finger picked passages, whilst turning the Heat control down reveals more rounded tones that are perfect for flatpickers.

Orange has also unveiled the Rocker 15 and 32 – its latest combo amps.

The Rocker 32 is a portable, all-valve 2x10” stereo combo. At the heart of this unique amp is its valve driven stereo effects loop, which opens up a world of limitless possibilities for pedal board users. The amp can be used as a ‘normal’ mono amp or be configured for Wet/Dry, or even true stereo for huge sounding panning effects.

At 30 Watts (15-a-side) the Rocker 32 has plenty of clean headroom, but also features a handy half power mode to suit smaller venues.

The Rocker 15 is an amp for all occasions. Switching between 0.5, 1, 7 or 15 Watts of output it moves seamlessly from home, to studio, to stage. Despite its extremely compact 1x10” format, the tone is always fat and full, oozing warm valve compression and saturation.

There’s also a valve-driven effects loop for total clarity from input to output.

The Rocker 15 and 32 have been designed by technical director, Adrian Emsley in the UK. Both amps feature an all-valve signal path plus a twin channel layout with an intuitive Natural channel.

There’s a new compression pedal from Orange too, in the form of the Kongpressor.

The Kongpressor is an analogue Class A compression pedal with a very natural sound. It has an incredibly satisfying, springy playing response with attack and release times that can be adjusted to suit. At low compression levels the pedal’s effect is transparent, yet somehow fattening, adding mojo and a glossy sheen to the core tone.

Like all Orange pedals, the Kongpressor doubles its operating voltage internally to 18V. This drastically increases the headroom, resulting in super clean compression.

Even at extreme settings, where most compressors start to suck the life out of the sound, the Kongpressor’s tone remains musical with a great feel under the fingers.

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