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NAMM 2017: Lace Music unveils Aluma Disc acoustic soundhole pickup

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Laura  Barnes
NAMM 2017: Lace Music unveils Aluma Disc acoustic soundhole pickup

The Aluma Disc acts as a magnetic pickup for acoustic guitars and will be available in spring 2017.

Lace Music Products has unveiled its new Aluma Disc magnetic pickup for acoustic guitar.

Building upon the Lace patented “current driven” technology, Aluma Disc offers the player a pickup featuring both feedback suppression and amplified sound in one unit.

As natural feedback occurs thru many playing situations, the Aluma Disc covers the entire soundhole area while also acting as the magnetic pickup for the guitar.

Based on patented Alumitone technology, which uses an initial current rather than voltage design, the pickup is the soundhole feedback suppressor in simple terms.

An elegant design with simple installation gives the Aluma Disc a true acoustic tone without any noise or feedback. Conventional magnetic designs would incur a large coil as per of the pickup, whereas the Aluma Disc coil is designed with 95% less copper wire. The Aluma Disc winding weighs a mere 3 oz., thus defeating the chance of coil feedback and eliminating outside noise completely.

The Aluma Disc, will be available in the UK in spring 2017, from Hinesite Distribution and will have an SRP of £129.99.

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