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NAMM 2016: New amps from Ashdown

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Daniel Gumble
NAMM 2016: New amps from Ashdown

New Ashdown lines

The UK amp firm has built upon two of its existing ranges with a number of updates.

Array of new amps announced at the LA expo.

Ashdown has revealed an array of new amps at the NAMM show in LA.

The new Rootmaster EVO range builds upon the original Rootmaster, with the preamp now including a passive and active input jack socket for use with high and low output instruments, setting a clear signal path to the input control.

Also new to the mix is the RM-500 EVO Head, with a 500W power section developed to maintain a deep low end, defined mids and transient highs delivering its output into a 4-ohm load. The Rootmaster 500 EVO Head will sit next to its bigger brother, the RM-800 EVO, for those looking for slightly more headroom.

Ashdown has further streamlined the combos in the product range and have thus designed three new 500W combos, including a 1 x15”, a 2 x 10” and a 1 x 12” combo – the C115 500, C210 500 and C112 500 respectively.

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The firm has also launched the new AAA EVO range – the second incarnation of the Ashdown AAA line. The new focused range consists of four new combos; a 1 x 8” 30W combo - the AAA-30-8, a 1 x 10” 60W combo - the AAA-60-10T, a 1 x 15” 120W combo - the AAA-120-15T and a 2 x 10 300W combo - the AAA-300-210T, as well as one extension cabinet - the AAA-115T, which is new to the line for 2016 and designed to pair with the AAA-300-210T Combo. With the needs of the discerning bass player in mind, Ashdown has developed the new AAA EVO range to stand out with distinctive vintage red grills, covered in premium heavy-duty buffalo Tolex.

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