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NAMM 2016: DigiTech DOD overdrive pedal

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Daniel Gumble
NAMM 2016: DigiTech DOD overdrive pedal

Through the Looking Glass

The new overdrive pedal from DigiTech features a new hybrid of Class-A discrete FET design.

The Looking Glass pedal is a Class-A FET unit.

DigiTech has expanded its FX offering with the new DOD Looking Glass overdrive pedal.

Featuring a new hybrid of Class-A discrete FET design, the Looking Glass’s asymmetrical clipping is designed to be ultra  responsive, allowing it can go from one end of the spectrum to the other with not only a flick of a switch, but with pick attack alone.

The Looking Glass Overdrive is a collaboration between DOD and the boutique pedal company SHOE Pedals. Christopher Venter of SHOE Pedals is known for his unique circuits, colorful perspective on classic effects, and minimalist design aesthetic.

Built for maximum versatility, the Looking Glass’s Input Filter feature allows the player to ‘tame overly bright guitars’ and interacts with the guitar’s pickups to help cut through the mix. The intuitive pre-drive Bass Cut and post-drive Treble controls allow users to retain clarity in the mix or dial in raw tones.

Furthermore, the Looking Glass is true bypass, which allows the guitar’s tone to remain clean.

The DOD Looking Glass Overdrive is for release in February 2016 priced at £129 RRP ex VAT.


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