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Musikmesse 2017: New limited edition Gustav Klimt and Oscar Peterson Bosendorfer pianos

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Laura  Barnes
Musikmesse 2017: New limited edition Gustav Klimt and Oscar Peterson Bosendorfer pianos

Above: Gustav Klimt's Woman in Gold. Below: Oscar Peterson's Jazz Legend.

There will only be 25 Klimt and 12 Peterson pianos produced world-wide.

Bosendorfer has unveiled two new limited edition pianos at this year’s Musikmesse.

First up, the ‘Woman in Gold’ is a Gustav Klimt artist series piano. This is the second model of Bosendorfer’s Klimt series and it is dedicated to the portrait of Adele Block-Bauer.

With sophisticated reprographic techniques a high-resolution image of the original painting has been reproduced on the inside of the Bosendorfer Grand Piano lid.

Designed for the Bosendorfer Grands 200 and 2114VC, there will only be 25 of these limited edition pianos produced world-wide.

Bosendorfer has also introduced the Oscar Peterson Jazz Legend.

Peterson not only treasured his own personally selected Bosendorfer Concert Grand 290 Imperial. He also performed at Bosendorfer's 175th Anniversary Concert “A night in Vienna” at the Golden Hall of the Musikverein in Vienna.

In 2002 he was honoured to receive the Bosendorfer Lifetime Achievement Award.

The Oscar Peterson Signature Edition Grand was created in collaboration with the “Estate of Oscar Peterson” which preserves Peterson’s legacy. It is limited to 12 Bosendorfer Grands and is available in size 200 to 214VC.

Each instrument will have a Collector's Edition plate bearing Peterson’s lion logo and signature.

Included with each instrument is the book “Oscar, With Love” with never before released compositions, all recorded in his home studio on his treasured Bosendorfer Imperial Piano.

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