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Limited edition SkullFuzz pedals from Dr No

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Laura  Barnes
Limited edition SkullFuzz pedals from Dr No

Artist's 'insane' interpretation of Dr No's SkullFuzz pedal is now available.

There will be just 24 limited edition SkullFuzz pedals made, costing €389 each.

Back in April 2016, Dr No did a large collaboration project with several artists who created interpretations of the SkullFuzz pedal.

This successful expo was called the Fuzzadelic SkullShow and was at Hollands loudest festival called RoadBurn.

One of participating artists was front leader, guitar player/singer of Peter Pan Speedrock, Peter van Elderen, who is also a sculpture artist at his Home Steel studio.

His ‘insane’ version of the SkullFuzz is now available for a limited time.

There will be just 24 sculptures equipped it with the circuit of the regular SkullFuzz – a versatile, classic Fuzz.

The original displayed at the Fuzzadelic SkullShow is made of aluminium, whereas these copies will be made with fiber strengthened casting material for a durable and very strong housing.

The pedals have the same features as the SkullFuzz: Volume, Fuzz, low/regular toggle switch, but will come in Gold, Silver, Copper and Black variants – all in a custom made wooden collectors box. There will be just six of each colour made.

Other features of the pedal include a True Bypass switch, 9v 2.1mm input jack, and Mini Toggle switch for regular and low-end fuzz.

The limited edition SkullFuzz pedal has a price of €389. Find out more at


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