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Lars Ulrich and Ahead announce new signature sticks

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Jory Mackay
Lars Ulrich Signature Stick

Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich and Ahead team up to release new drumsticks.

After many years working together, Lars Ulrich and Ahead have released a new signature stick for the Metallica drummer.

Ahead, the company best known for their hybrid aluminum and polyurethane drumsticks, has just announced the release of the new Lars Ulrich ‘Scary Guy’ line of drumsticks.   

The new sticks are a cross between Ahead’s classic 5B and 2B models and the popular Lars Ulrich signature stick.  The ‘Scary Guy’ sticks, which measure 16” x .595”, come in two different models – the LU-SG Standard with silver logo, and the LU-SGL Light with red logos.  Both models feature a hand-drawn icon created by Lars himself.

At £31 RRP, Ahead says that you could be forgiven for thinking that these sticks are on the expensive side, but claims that one set will last on average 8-10 times longer than a wood stick.

The ‘Scary Guy’ drumsticks are available now from BR Distribution.


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