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Korg launches next generation microKEY line-up

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Daniel Gumble
Korg launches next generation microKEY line-up

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Korg's next generation microKEY controller keyboards come a number of new features.

New MIDI keyboard range available from next month.

Korg has unveiled a second-generation line of microKEY MIDI controller keyboards microKEY2 - building on the original range with a number of new features and updates.

The firm’s Natural Touch mini keyboard is designed to offer ease of use and is available in 25, 37, 49 (a new addition) and 61-key models. iPad and iPhone support has also been added.

As the microKEY2 is USB bus-powered, users need only a single USB cable to connect to Mac or Windows. There's no need to install a driver, simply connect it to your computer and start playing. The second generation newly supports connection to iPad and iPhone. An Apple Lightning - USB camera adaptor can also be connected via one USB cable, allowing users to access apps such as Korg Gadget, Korg Module, and GarageBand.

Meanwhile, the 37, 49, and 61-key models provide an assignable switch jack for connecting a damper pedal. The 25-key model provides a sustain button that implements the damper function. On all models, users can utilise the octave buttons in conjunction with the key transpose function to play MIDI's entire range of notes.

The 37, 49, and 61-key models provide pitch bend and modulation wheels, while the 25-key model provides a joystick that can also control pitch bend and modulation, as well as an arpeggiator function, providing full control.

The microKEY2 comes with a collection of software titles, including special editions of Korg Gadget and Korg Module, plus the Korg Legacy Collection, offering five classic Korg instruments as plug-ins.

Also new from Korg is the microKEY Air – a wireless version of the new microKEY models.

The microKEY Air supports Apple’s Bluetooth LE (Low Energy) MIDI Standard for wireless devices. Users can connect wirelessly to iPad/iPhone music apps, as well as any MIDI-capable music production software on Mac. Fine-tuning of the Bluetooth capabilities means high stability and low latency.


microKEY2 (available from Dec 2015):

25-Key £TBC ex VAT / £TBC inc VAT 

37-Key £73.00 ex VAT / £87.06 inc VAT

49-Key £95.00 ex VAT / £114.00 inc VAT 

61-Key £120.00 ex VAT / £144.00 inc VAT


microKEY Air (available Jan 2016)

25-Key - £73.00 ex VAT / £87.60 inc VAT

37-Key - £100.00 ex VAT / £120.00 inc VAT

49-Key - £125.00 ex VAT / £150.00 inc VAT

61-Key - £146.00 ex VAT / £175.00 inc VAT 


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