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Impact Soundworks launches Straight Ahead! Jazz Horns

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Impact Soundworks


Laura  Barnes
Impact Soundworks launches Straight Ahead! Jazz Horns

The firm’s latest virtual instrument features over 75,000 samples.

Impact Soundworks is proud to announce availability of Straight Ahead! Jazz Horns – a newly revised virtual instrument library created in collaboration with jazz sampled instrument specialist Straight Ahead Samples.

Served up as 13 solo brass and sax instruments ideal for jazz, funk, pop and R&B, Straight Ahead! Jazz Horns features over 75,000 samples and works on Native Instruments’ Kontakt Player platform.

Though the sample pool remains largely the same as that found in ‘version 1’ of Straight Ahead! Jazz Horns (originally released by Straight Ahead Samples), below the hood the new software represents an entirely different proposition altogether.

All-new scripting paves the way for smooth jazz, thanks to Smart Voicing technology, which can quickly create realistic, properly-voiced jazz and big band ensemble sounds from combinations of four trumpets (Lead Trumpet, Trumpet 2, Trumpet 3, Trumpet 4); four trombones (Lead Trombone, Trombone 2, Trombone 3, Trombone 4); five saxes (Lead Alto Sax, Alto Sax 2, Lead Tenor Sax, Tenor Sax 2, Baritone Sax); all brass (all four trumpets and four trombones); full ensemble (all instruments); and pop horns (trumpet, tenor sax, trombone, baritone sax).

Simply playing a left-handed chord tells the script what key and chord is being used while playing a right-handed melody generates fully-voiced chords based on the melody being played and the chord that was input.

The TACT (Total Articulation Control Technology) used in Impact Soundworks’ virtual instrument products offers a modular, scalable system designed to create a consistent plug-and-play performance experience. It manages articulations with up to three triggering types, volume and offset control, and independently controlled legato toggles where applicable.

Currently supported sources for triggering are note range, velocity range, CC range (on any CC# from 1 to 127), keyswitches (latching or non-latching, independently chosen per articulation), and sustain pedal up/down.

Simply speaking, TACT is designed to manage user mapping schemes and facilitate experimentation to create the best user performance setups quickly and easily.

Ease of use is central to Straight Ahead! Jazz Horns’ all-new user interface, which offers a playable, realistic and customisable virtual instrument with excellent solo instruments alongside powerful ensemble writing tools.

Straight Ahead! Jazz Horns can be purchased and digitally downloaded (as a 23GB library totalling 75,000-plus 16- and 24-bit samples) directly from Impact Soundworks for $249.00.

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