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IK Multimedia introduces the iRig Nano Amp

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IK Multimedia


Laura  Barnes
IK Multimedia introduces the iRig Nano Amp

The amp is just slightly larger than an iPhone and features a handy kickstand.

IK Multimedia has introduced a versatile micro amp with a built-in iOS interface.

The iRig Nano Amp gives players both a standalone portable guitar amplifier plus an interface that lets them plug their guitar into an iPhone or iPad and use AmpliTube for iOS to access an unlimited world of guitar tones on the go.

The amp is super-compact, battery-powered, self-contained and has an interface for iOS that players can use by itself, with headphones or even an external speaker cabinet.

The iRig Nano operates in two different modes: Amp and Device.

In Amp mode it operates as a straight-up guitar amp and features a British tone stack circuit with tone and volume controls for practice on the go. Players simply plug their guitar into the 1/4" guitar input, adjust the volume and gain settings, select the output type Normal/Bright and rock out. The British tone circuit delivers sparkling clean tones at lower gain settings and a cascading wave of overdrive when cranked to the upper limits.

In Device mode, the amp is also an interface and monitor for an iOS device thanks to its integrated iRig circuit. Players use the included TRRS cable to hook up iRig Nano Amp in Device mode to an iPhone or iPad and plug in to the amazing toneful world of AmpliTube to play, practice and record anywhere, any time.

This is great for grabbing ideas in AmpliTube's 4-track looper or recording studio, or just practicing with the models of AmpliTube gear and more.

When used in Device mode, the internal tone stack circuit is bypassed and the volume knob controls the overall output of the amp. Headphones can be used in Device mode for monitoring the processed signal coming from the device.

The iRig Nano Amp features a 1/4" speaker out jack that can drive up to a 4x12" cabinet. Once plugged in, guitarists will be impressed by the volume and tonal definition that amp provides. An external cabinet can be used in both Amp and Device modes providing the most flexibility of any micro amp available.

The amp is just slightly larger than an iPhone and features a handy kickstand for tilting back the unit for better monitoring. Inside, iRig Nano Amp powers a 3-inch speaker with a 3-watt class A/B power amp. It features a ¼-inch guitar input, a ¼-inch speaker output, an 1/8-inch headphone jack, is powered by 3 AA batteries (included) and comes complete with a TRRS cable for connection to an iOS device.

IK Multimedia’s iRig Nano Amp is available now for €49.99.

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