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IK Multimedia announces T-RackS 5

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Laura  Barnes
IK Multimedia announces T-RackS 5

IK Multimedia created T-RackS in 1999, and has been evolving and expanding the collection ever since.

IK Multimedia has announced that T-RackS 5, a cutting-edge mixing and mastering system for Mac and PC, will be available in October 2017.

With pre-orders now open, T-RackS 5 clams to be the most powerful mix and master modular system ever.

It comes with an unrivalled audio engine, a complete broadcast-ready professional metering section, a new completely redesigned, resizable interface, and an album assembly section with multi-format export.

IK Multimedia created T-RackS in 1999, and has been evolving and expanding the collection ever since. Now T-RackS 5 has been re-mastered to be more powerful than ever before providing everything necessary to take raw mixes to a perfect finished product ready for digital delivery or CD printing.

In T-RackS 5 there are now 38 modules to choose from to build the perfect studio setup including 4 all-new additions to the collection: The Master Match module is a new type of plug-in that automatically matches the sound of a mix with up to 3 other reference tracks using highly sophisticated algorithms.

Based on an iconic American coveted piece of hardware, the new Dyna-Mu vari-mu compressor/limiter is praised for its subtle but instantly recognisable sonic fingerprint.

The new EQual digital equaliser is a 10-band, ultra-clear, high-end parametric equaliser with an extremely transparent sound, a full-screen resizable interface for ultra-precise editing and a vast array of filter shapes that replicate the typical curves of legendary British and American analog EQ's.

Conceived as an "all-in-one" solution, the new ONE mastering processor has been designed for easy, streamlined and straightforward audio finalisation. It includes an EQ, compressor, analog harmonic exciter, low-end enhancer and limiter that will let anyone achieve professional quality results in a snap.

T-RackS 5 is expected to ship in October 2017, and will be available in both free and paid versions.

- T-RackS CS - Custom Shop version available free of charge?
- T-RackS 5 - includes 9 modules for $/€ 149.99*?
- T-RackS 5 Deluxe - includes 22 modules for $/€ 299.99?
- T-RackS 5 MAX - includes 38 modules for $/€ 499.99?
- T-RackS 5 MAX crossgrade for $/€ 299.99 (with any registered IK product $/€ 99.99 and up)

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